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At Easysmile Dental Clinic of Dental Surgeon Sotirios Vynios B.D.S. in Agia Paraskevi we provide the entire range of dental services and manage each and every dental case in co-operation with our experienced and highly-specialised affiliated partners.
Our objective is to always provide the optimal individualised solutions to each patient with the application of the most modern and painless methods.

See in more detail and in simple terms the services that we offer

​Oral hygiene instructions

Cosmetic dentistry

An increasing number of people aim to obtain a bright smile. This category involves the provision of the following services: 

Composite inlay/onlay

They are manufactured by porcelain or dental composite resins and give us the opportunity to completely restore any extensive tooth deficits when we do not wish to reshape and reduce the entire tooth for the fitting of the crown.

Porcelain veneers

They have become very popular over the past years mainly because of the various TV series. They have allowed us to “play” with our front teeth by changing their shape and size and most of all with their colour. Usually they require the reduction of the tooth and the method is painless and non time-consuming.

Direct composite filling

These are the well known “white fillings”. The wide clinical interest and continuous research have made them totally reliable and have almost completely replaced the amalgam fillings (“silver fillings”). All dental procedures have a one year guarantee. If they fail within the first year we will restore them free of cost.

Cosmetic dentistry video


It is a most popular technique due to the immediate and impressive results achieved and the non-invasiveness of the procedure - the integrity of your teeth is not compromised. We offer two different approaches at our dental office: 

Bleaching at home

After preparing an impression of the patient, we manufacture individualised trays at the laboratory that are then delivered to the patient with the special bleaching gel. The patient keeps the tray in the mouth for a few hours, depending on the concentration of the bleaching gel. It is a very convenient and painless approach whereas the results are usually seen within a few days.

Office bleaching

The entire process is completed in one session. The patient in only one visit that lasts for about an hour leaves the dental office with pure white teeth!! We use the ZOOM system of DISCUS DENTAL which is supported by more than 25 years of research.

Bleaching video


They represent the best solution for the restoration of tooth loss.
After decades of clinical and laboratory studies, they are now considered to be reliable and give us the opportunity not only to improve your oral cavity aesthetics but also to prevent the use of partial or total dentures that may cause patient discomfort.
Implants behave like natural teeth which means that there is no bone loss, the patient’s taste and pleasure from food intake is not affected and there is no requirement for the patient to place or remove anything from their oral cavity.
From a cosmetic point of view, implant restoration procedures are superior to any use of artificial dentures.​

Implants restoration

This involves a field in dentistry with the objective of restoring tooth loss through various methods. Prosthetics are divided into two categories depending on whether the patient removes the prosthetics or whether the prosthetics are permanently fixed on teeth or implants.

Removable prosthetics

These involve several types of artificial dentures. A denture could be partial if it replaces some (not all) teeth, or total if it replaces all teeth. Many millions of people worldwide use dentures. They are invaluable tools in those cases where we cannot use implants. They increase the patient’s confidence and self-esteem, they significantly improve the cosmetic result of one’s teeth and allow for a more proper and normal feeding and speech.

Fixed prosthetics

In this category the prosthetics are permanently fixed upon the patient’s teeth or implants. The most common are the crowns and dental bridges.


When a tooth has suffered severe damage and there is extensive dental tissue loss (as in the case following an endodontics procedure), we need to protect the remaining tooth by covering it. The tooth is reshapened in a symmetrical pattern and the dental tissue that is removed is replaced by porcelain material or by porcelain bonded to metal.

Dental bridge

In the case of one or more tooth loss but with the adjacent teeth being present we may place a dental bridge which will ensure the continuity of teeth. It may be necessary to reshape the adjacent teeth in order to provide space for the porcelain. If these adjacent teeth are healthy then we may have to think of the use of implants.


It is the field of dentistry that encompasses the health of gums, bone and surrounding tissue. All dental procedures in order to be successful and long-lasting need to be done on a background of healthy periodontal tissues. Both gingivitis and periodontitis require a compound managememt in combination with the active participation of the patient through an individualised oral hygiene.​


They involve the well-known “root canal treatments”. When there is decay (caries) that reaches the pulp (nerve) this may result into inflammation that presents with severe pain. The dentist then intervenes by removing the entire pulp from the root canal and replaces it with an inert material that fills the root canals. Some endodontic treatments are completed within one session whereas other may require two or more sessions depending on the severity of the case and the location of the tooth. In some occassions it is necessary to cover the entire tooth which is receiving the endodontic treatment with a crown.​

Paediatric dentistry

The first contact of a child with the dentist is extremely important since it has been observed that it determines to a great extent the way the child will consider the future fdental visits as an adult. We have great experience in dealing with children and we acknowledge how important it is to guide them in matters that concern their oral hygiene. We provide the entire range of child dental health-care services such as fluoride treatment, fillings, tooth extractions etc, whereas we consider it extremely important that the child understands the significance of dental care.​

Preventive dentistryή

All of us are now aware of the significance of disease prevention. At our private practice we use an individualised patient call-recall system on a regular basis, so as to provide routine check-ups, dental bleaching and a imaging tests if necessary.
In this way we aim to prevent diseases or at least to treat them in an early stage before they lead to severe symptoms to the patient.